Missouri Rx (MoRx)

Missouri Rx (MoRx)

Missouri Rx (MORx) is a State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program that works with Medicare prescription drug coverage to help beneficiaries save money on prescription drugs. Missouri Rx pays for 50% of the costs of all covered Medicare prescriptions, even in the “donut hole” or coverage gap. MORx can also pay for 50% of any deductible, but will not pay monthly premiums.

To qualify for the MoRx benefits you must:

  • be a Missouri resident
  • be enrolled in a Medicare prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage Plan with drug coverage
  • If single – have an annual gross income of $21,660 or less ($1,805 month)
  • If married – have an annual gross income of $29,136 or less ($2,428 month)


Anyone enrolled in MO HealthNet will be automatically enrolled into the MORx program. To request an application, please contact CLAIM at 1-800-390-3330. Completed applications should be mailed to:

MoRx Plan

MO Dept of Social Services

MO HealthNet Division

PO Box 6500

Jefferson City, MO 65102